Title: Finding The Beginnings Of The Jello Shot

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Jello Shots – Back In The Day
How did anybody back in yester year get their Jello Shot to set properly?

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Jello Shots – Back In The Day
How did anybody back in yester year get their Jello Shot to set properly?
If they used coolers that were packed with ice to set their jello shots, where did they find any ice when it came into the summer months like July and August?

From the instance the 1st Jello Shot was incepted in the later half of the 1800?s until around the early 1920’s, jello shots were produced using piping hot water and set on a counter to solidify.

Jello shots don?t require refrigeration or ice cubes to aid setting, introducing your jello shot mix to the cold room, fridge or even just on ice purely speeds up the jello solidifying process. By approximately 1924 it was advertised that Jello Shots could be cooled swiftly by melting a carton of jello in 1/2 a pint of piping hot water and then adding 1/2 a pint of ice water and placing the jello shots in ice.

How “Jello” Almost Never Made It
Many years ago there was a man called Cooper and in 1845 he got acquired the copyright for the jello dessert, then a medicine developer named Pearl B Wait who in 1895 purchased the jello rights from Cooper and Pearl then transformed it into a pre-packaged artefact which was then named JELLO

Try as he did, pearl couldn?t market the product, so along Frank Woodward, who at the age of 20 acquired the Jello exclusive rights for as little as $450, Frank was at 1st disastrous at selling the product and thought of getting shifted of it. He almost sold it for a measly $35, until just before he was to sign over the deeds, Jello shot sales sky rocketed and by 1906 Jello shots had attained an incredible $1,000,000. Not so bad for a guy who never even finished school.

Be Careful Of What Might Stop your “jello Shots” From Setting
The mystery of what prevents your jello shots from setting has been finally solved, the key is not to use any fresh or frozen pineapple, kiwi fruit, figs, mangoes, guava or papaya, or fresh ginger in the jello shot mix.

These particular items all contain an enzyme that keeps jello from setting. However if they are cooked or come from a can then your jello shots will set without much of a problem

The Origin Of “Jello”
The capitalist, inventor and all round generous contributor Peter Cooper, of Tom Thumb engine and Cooper Union fame, got the very 1st official document for a jello dessert ownership in 1845. Although he packaged this gelatine product in little boxes with full instructions for use, it was never successful.

Most people at home were still reliant on single sheets of prepared gelatine, which had to be clarified by boiling in egg whites and shells and dripped through a jelly bag before they attained a shimmering mould. This was frequently very time consuming and is very different from the way jello is today.

The Godfathers Of Jello

The 3 men below are the mainly most responsible for the creation of jello shots in the early days.

The first man is named Peter Cooper and he held the very first patent for jello.

The second is a man called Pearl B Wait who bought the jello patent of Cooper and developed the first fruit-flavoured version of jello.

Then the last mostly mainly responsible for the creation of jello shots is Orator Francis (Frank) Woodward, who dropped out college and at the age of 20 bought the jello copyright for $450 and was about to sell it for $35 sometime later before it boomed at the beginning of the 1900’s.

Welcome To America With Jello
During the 1920’s, immigrants entering Ellis Island in New York City were served Jello on arrival as a way for the people to say Welcome to America.

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